The Anne Corbiere collection starts from one very specific place: my passion for textiles. Add to that a love for color, for texture, for meeting people, and for travel, plus a desire to respect other trades and talents (suppliers and artisans), and to recycle every bit of yarn to which it is possible to give a second life; throw in a dose of influence from some very talented people: Christian Lacroix, Peter Marino, Pierre Passebon, to name a few, and you have the eclectic mix which defines the Anne Corbière collection. 

Shades, throws, sheers, upholstery, wall treatments….even fringe, the joy is in the combination of yarns, with structure, in collaboration with spinners and weavers from around the world.  But it all begins in Anjou, France where I live and work - and often collaborate - with my husband, Vincent (sculptor, photographer, furniture-maker).

I invite you to explore a selection of images on my website, and then to contact my agents/showrooms in Paris, London, New York, & Los Angeles for details and samples.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. 

(Please do not hesitate to explore the websites of the Galerie du Passage in Paris, and of Twentyfirst Gallery in NYC to discover the unique pieces which I co-create with Vincent, or to visit the website I share with Vincent :   av-corbiere.com)

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